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wrongfulban - wrongfulban - 09-20-2018

Admin who banned you: no Idea 
In-Game Name: slowhands
Ban Reason:no clue
SteamID/IP Address: 0:1:3955869 
Server you were banned from: los angeles
Proof of innocence: ??? im legit
Extra details:  wong fu

RE: wrongfulban - wrongfulban - 09-20-2018

Connecting to
Connection accepted by
Kicked :"You have no entry to the server..."

RE: wrongfulban - FR0NTLINE - 09-20-2018

yeah I don't remember what you did, but it must of been something because i had blocked your ip and steam id. Maybe your affiliated with haveaseats of m3?
This is what I usually do if someone notifies me of who's where, so we ban people that are associated those..people.
This way we have a clean server, and peoples kids won't be lurked on.

RE: wrongfulban - wrongfulban - 09-20-2018

what? that makes no sense..

username is slowhands, where did you get M3 from?

RE: wrongfulban - FR0NTLINE - 09-20-2018

Now it does.

RE: wrongfulban - wrongfulban - 09-20-2018

im so lost right know

that post is from 10-12-2017 i havent even played cs in los angeles since 2016, since i moved to chicago.

(09-20-2018, 09:14 PM)FR0NTLINE Wrote: Now it does.

what does?

RE: wrongfulban - FR0NTLINE - 09-20-2018

ok, I had banned people that played in a server i ran called fatal ninjaz, I think you were in there.
Now I remember you mentioning one of my old servers.
When I was locked up I had Daniel/Erox on my NFO account, he let ACS gaming go down, and
took off the Fatal Ninja server and moved it to another account, I only found out when i got out.

RE: wrongfulban - wrongfulban - 09-20-2018

ok what does any of that have to do with me?
so if i got this right, im banned because i was playing counterstrike?

RE: wrongfulban - FR0NTLINE - 09-21-2018

Dude I unbanned you like hours ago, I was just trying to figure out why i had blocked you from the server, I drink beer. No worries see you in game

RE: wrongfulban - wrongfulban - 10-22-2018

still not unbanned

edit: never mind it said the same thing the first time i tried to go in,
second time it went in, thanks guy.