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2018 LoL Worlds - eRocK - 10-01-2018

For those of you that like League of Legends or are intersted now is the time to watch. It's that time of the year for World. Below is a schedule, they do the set up kind of like how FIFA does. 

We’ll kick Worlds off in South Korea’s capital Seoul, where 12 teams will compete for the 4 remaining Group Stage spots. Dates for the Play-In Stage are as follows:
  • Oct 1-4

  • Oct 6-7
    GROUP STAGE & QUARTERFINALS:After the conclusion of the Play-In Stage in Seoul we’ll head southeast to Busan - Korea’s second most populous city known for its beaches, mountains and temples. Dates for the Group Stage and Quarterfinals are as follows:
    • Oct 10-17 (Group Stage)

    • Oct 20-21 (Quarterfinals)


Once the four remaining teams have been determined, we’ll travel southwest to Gwangju for Semifinals. Semis dates are as follows:
  • Oct 27-28


The Worlds 2018 winner will hoist the trophy in Incheon on November 3rd.

RE: 2018 LoL Worlds - FR0NTLINE - 11-04-2018

I might end up runnin around with you in this game just because i got PLENTY OF TIME LOL