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Details on Creampie Ban - Creampie - 04-25-2020

Admin who banned you: I'm not sureExclamation
In-Game Name:=XA= Creampie
Ban Reason: I hope we can figure that outExclamationExclamation
SteamID/IP Address:STEAM_0:0:2621749
Server you were banned from: Counter Strikes Dudes Classic L.A.
Proof of innocence (Check for any Screenshots in your cstrike folder):
Extra details:

Hey CSD members, I'm an admin over at XA. I have had help from Frontline and Y0shi in the past- they have unbanned my account a total of 3 times. I never thought I would be on here searching for answers, but when I join the server a message appears saying I have been banned from the server. I was wondering if anyone can figure out if there was a reason I am unaware of or if I am being mixed up with another player. The last few times I have been banned after playing - I would play then leave, then realize I was kicked out, and each ban has apparently been a mistake. I appreciate anyone who can look into this and possibly provide more details. I've moved back to L.A. and looking forward to playing in a non-laggy server every so oftenExclamation

Sorry to bother & Thank youExclamation