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Re: - Audo1 - 03-05-2019

I was rage banned by Panda for saying Ma Jay Yerr is a hacker.

Ban Information 
Name: audo 
Reason: gtfo 
Unban Time: Permanent Ban 
Admin Name: Panda 
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:62219490 
Please un-ban me.

RE: Re: - FR0NTLINE - 03-06-2019

Ma Jay yerr has been playing with us for years.

RE: Re: - 808panda - 03-07-2019

that's the day when we had a nonsteamer spamming the server
aimbot + wall and kept coming back with a different ip & steam id
must be an accidental ban, you were just in the server in the wrong time as a nonsteamer, i reached a point of frustration where I banned every non steamer that joined with a simple name or an admin name because that's what the guy was doing, not because of anything you said. i never even saw what you said anyway.

you have been unbanned.

I'd encourage you to get the game on steam (it's cheap) and join the steam community, we are getting a lot of nonsteamers raging on the server lately.