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unban please - mmm123 - 04-03-2019

Admin who banned you: 1*tap[Nero] 
In-Game Name: mmm
Ban Reason: wallhack
SteamID/IP Address: STEAM_0:1:13718447 
Server you were banned from: COUNTER STRIKE DUDES L.A.
Proof of innocence (Check for any Screenshots in your cstrike folder): none
Extra details: He kept warning me to turn off my wallhacks which is pretty pathetic to do lol. How can I turn off something that I'm not using... Anyways he proceeds to keep telling to turn them off and then bans me. Has no evidence of me whatsoever. Abusing his power because he couldn't handle dying by me Big Grin 

RE: unban please - 1tapNero - 04-07-2019

you ghosted through walls, and i warned you more than a couple of times because apparently you play on the server as a regular.

RE: unban please - FR0NTLINE - 04-07-2020
Some of your friends comments on your profile though.
Nero should have a demo.