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just blap
Admin who banned you: sabz? Hope he donates double. 
In-Game Name: Blappin' Off w/ the Nine Milly
Ban Reason: not sure. Was being kind as a result of turning over a new leaf. Pistolero kicked me, then Sabz took it upon himself to perm-ban, satisfying a deep, dark personal vendetta in so doing. 
SteamID/IP Address: STEAM_0 : 0 : 2695309
Server you were banned from: CSD LA
Extra details: I have nothing disrespectful to say to y'all. Sabz mocks and disrespects me for using a shield and complains about shield being enabled constantly. Bully with a Persian accent? I wish to support your server and the CS1.6 community by being a positive and self-aware influence. 

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