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Ammo Packs are the only currency in our zombie plague CS server. Ammo packs allow you to buy extra items, such as stronger weapons, sandbags, lasermines, extra abilities, etc. Ammo Packs are binded with your in-game steam id account (ex. STEAM_0:0:12345678), so even if you change your in-game name, those ammo packs are still there for you.
Each human earns 1 ammo pack for 300 hp of zombie damage. When a zombie dies, another 1 ammo pack is added to your account. 

As for zombies, every infection / every kill against a human earns you 1 ammo pack.
Every hour, players can type /get in game chat to receive 50 free ammo packs. 

Obviously, it will take players a while to gain lots of ammo packs. If you are interested in receiving more ammo packs, the following options may apply to you.

1. Refer your friends to the CSD Zombie server. Each player you refer into our server that plays for at least an hour, both you and the player you referred will receive 300 free ammo packs. You must reply to this thread with the following information so that we can add those ammo packs to your game account.
       * Your in game name
       * Your steam id (Type 'status' in console to get your steam id)
       * The person's in game name that you referred into our server.

2. Donate to our server. (Paypal only) It can be any amount in increments of $1 (USD). 
Each $1 (USD) you donate to our server will grant you 500 ammo packs. For donations that are more than $10 (USD), please refer to the following table:
       * $10 USD ===== 6,000 ammo packs
       * $20 USD ===== 12,500 ammo packs
       * $30 USD ===== 20,000 ammo packs
       * $50 USD ===== 45,000 ammo packs
       * $100 USD ==== 100,000 ammo packs

When you are donating, please be sure to fill your in-game name and steam id in the 'Write a Note' portion, ammo packs will usually be added into your account within 24-48 hours. If you don't know how to find your steam id, read here

[Image: donate.png]
Welcome to CS Dudes Zombie Server, we hope you enjoy your time here!
[Image: 732_101.png]

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