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Hello Everyone!
Hey everyone of CSD. I am one of the old Optical Gaming members eRock was talking about. I was high up in the oG Community before it fell. Earlier tonight eRock got in touch with me and told me about yalls community and here I am.
I talked with Frontline and expressed my interest in running a CS:GO server for you guys.
He set up the basics of the server and over the next week or sooner, hopefully sooner with the help of Epic I will have a CS:GO Server running with a Sourcebans webpage for admin assigning and looking at bans etc.
This will be a specialty server, Specifically SURF.
The basics it will be an Easy - Medium Tiered Surf server ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 4, leaving out Tier 5 and 6 because we don't want to scare off anyone who's new to the server or surfing in general.
It will run on 85 Tickrate which is perfect for Beginners to Veterans of surf.
I hope to get to know everyone and hope to see yall in the CS:GO Surf World.

Very nice to have you guys here, been waiting for some Cool ass dudes like you'ses
[Image: 1_101.png]
I'm wondering if like we could get some Surfer models so the surf experience could feel more like a surfing type atmosphere or am I just thinking to much. I had a dream last week I was surfing in game, yet I've yet too surf.
[Image: 1_101.png]
Glad to have you here brother .. let's get the rest of the old oG crew here now.

Well i may be misunderstanding what you mean Frontline, but we can get custom character models for surf example: people could look like the anime character One Punch Man or they could look like a Guy in a banana suit etc.
Yea same concept, banana suit sounds Cool, I'm just thinking more board shorts realistic looks. Maybe get some maps made with real waves a piers, boats to surf off of and around huge cruise liners, more custom type stuff. Surf Hawaii, California, Hong Kong, surfing thru city streets, swiss mountain alps skiing,snowboards. Just specific maps for whatever mod.
[Image: 1_101.png]
Well if you know any mappers out there that want to give it a shot in making some custom maps for the server that would be Cool but mapping is not easy. I plan to try and start mapping soon but I have absolutely no experience with any kind of mapping at all so it wont be for a long time till i get a map made.

But seriously if you know some mappers let them know and see if they are interested because we could also get a Map themed toward the community. Like as images along the map of all the higher ups in the community. Get all their pictures and use those as textures.

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