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I love CSD more then my wife!
Hey ya'llExclamation Just an admin request for the Counter-Strike Dudes L.A. server and a brief what's up, been playing CS 1.6 for the past 20 years. Veteran but still stable in the mind to be mature. 
- Been admin of many servers before
- From the UK, England so play at times considered too early and can monitor those pesky hackers while you sleep peacefully
- Very friendly
- Be here for a long time
Thank you. Any more info needed just let me know, have a great day. PeaceExclamation

Sounds good bro nice to see ya here. What brings you all the way from the UK, Our Cool Shwagalistic Styles?Exclamation :0 I'll send you a password or add on steam for your admin.
[Image: 1_101.png]
welcome to the teamExclamation
[Image: 732_101.png]

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