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They think I hack
Hello Frontline and everyone. today 9/14/2018, one admin thinks that I hack and I was banned from the server. I don't know who was he, but he defintatly forgot that I'm a regular in this server and I have been here for 2 years already. Kindly look at this subject as there is no way I would hack. Let me know if you have any question or anything, or you can ask anybody else as I'm regular in here. 

This is Y( )SHI -   UNITY.

Thank you guys

What's that Hazzard?
thats a demo of you cheating

Not apart of this appeal and have nothing to add for or against either of you, but the link is broken. Looks like when you posted it, the forum shortened the url, (hence the dots in the middle of the link) and in the process ruined it.

Good luckExclamation

you have to click on the link and then download it. its not broken
The first one was (and still is, try it for yourself)

This one seems to work fine though. GJ.

Thread moved to "Unban Request". Any updates?
[Image: 732_101.png]
yeah i seen yoshi kills when blinded
[Image: 1_101.png]
(09-17-2018, 02:47 AM)FR0NTLINE Wrote: yeah i seen yoshi kills when blinded

Thanks the Night Vision, you won't be blind anymore, that probably what you have seen Frontline : )

(09-17-2018, 02:47 AM)FR0NTLINE Wrote: yeah i seen yoshi kills when blinded

Hey Frontline, I've been playing this game for 17 years now. I am not a kid anymore bro, so I won't waste my time nor other people's time hacking, I even don't know how to hack to begin with. There are many admins around who knows me well, couple personally, also I will attend any gathering you guys are gonna do, there is no way I hack bro. I am just above average player that's it, there are many players who are way better than me. Also, I am asking if you can give me admin to assure you that I am involved in this server and I am sad to find out that any of you think that I hack. 


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