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Banned for no leget reason
Admin: [DRUNK] something
Server: Counter Strike Dudes L.A.
SteamID: kavickk /

Happened just over a week ago, I couldn't find a person to request unbanned reason why I took so long till I figure you must have a site and found it.  I was permanently banned by some admin that has the name [drunk] in front of his name.  He permanently banned me because I told him to shut up twice, I didn't like what he was saying over the mic, trash talk about getting high or wasted and that he is been to jail, (lots of kids play this game including mine) maybe it wasn't the right way to tell him nor I knew he was an admin but he needs to watch his comments more being an admin.  I was reading the rules for admins and he did not have the right to permanently ban, me, that's for people who use aimbots, wallhack, etc. (it also says that admins who bbanor for no reason will be punish)  I should've gotten an 1 hr. or a day if he felt so disrespected.

Yea I think that was me, I'm a new admin I hope I dont get banned.
[Image: 1_101.png]
Hey guys, I haven't been playing for a while but I decided to play again, went straight to CSDudesLA and I'm banned again and I haven't played in months.... I figured you guys probably did a roll back on the server or something, can you please unbanme. thx

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