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unban request I love you Peeps
Admin who banned you: 
In-Game Name:=XA= I love you Peeps
Ban ReasonConfusedome crazy reason but probably just missclick
SteamID/IP Address: //////// STEAM_0:0:16564070
Server you were banned from: 
Proof of innocence (Check for any Screenshots in your cstrike folder):
Extra details: I dunno why;/:

Thanks for stopping by dude, it's nothing personal we just need to send a message to a KKKLAN that makes cs 1.6 TERRIBLE. Here's a link you
should check out to see why we feel this way we don't promote racism or haveaseats in our servers. I noticed some XA members are Steam friends
this piece of poo. Just keeping the poo out of the servers.
[Image: 0AT7835.jpg]
UNBANNED Smile [AMXX] Authid "STEAM_0:0:16564070" removed from ban list
L 10/20/2018 - 21:51:39: [admincmd.amxx] Cmd: "<0><><>" unban "STEAM_0:0:16564070
[Image: 1_101.png]

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