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Unban Krauzer
Banned again. This time without any mentioned reason.
Fortunately, I have a demo on all this.
Admin who b_anned you:  Don't know (console output: Kicked by Console: You have been banned from this server. Kicked :You have been banned from this server.)
In-Game Name: Krauzer aka Heisenberg
Ban Reason:  No mentioned reason
SteamID/IP Address:  STEAM: STEAM_0:0:37656421 / IP ADDRESS: 2601:1c2:4b00:c7ec:6dc1:58b6:d262:8af0
Server you were b_anned from: COUNTER STRIKE DUDES L.A.
Proof of innocence (Check for any Screenshots in your cstrike folder):  No screens. But here's my first view demo. Demo  (YesExclamation I have to record each game, since the admins keep b_anning you without any checks or proofs)
Extra details: I was in good mood, played well. Until some admin ruined my evening.

It's completely different to watch somebody by spectating from watching the demo. So please, invite you to watch it.

Looks like you need immunity so this won't happen again. Find me on steam dude.
[Image: 1_101.png]

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