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I Accept Your Ban
Dear Frontline and Greater CSD Community,

I humbly accept your permanent ban. The latitude you have chosen to give my absurd antics over the last 6 months is nothing short of astonishing. I have provoked, needled, insulted and trolled countless innocent players, including regulars, admins, and randoes alike during this span of time. The fact that this ban has not happened sooner puzzles me greatly.

Despite the casual racism and homophobia that is widely tolerated in your server, and frequently espoused by admins, I freely recognize that I was in the wrong by being disrespectful to female players. I want to take this opportunity to extend a sincere apology to Kirsten Noel, somegirl, smiyo, and any others that took umbrage or offense to my words. I have a mother and a sister, and obviously there is no place for sexual harassment or wanton misogyny in today's social climate. I recognize the inherent and egregious fault of my actions, and am taking personal and proactive steps to better myself as a son, a brother, a man and as a human being in general. Further, I understand that women are a dying breed in the ranks of Counter-Strike 1.6, and as a server owner you have a fiduciary responsibility to your constituents to make them feel comfortable and at ease in your server.

As Pistolero stated via voice-chat some fifteen minutes following my ban, I do have several different registered Steam accounts. Frontline, you don't need to worry about having to ban the others. I see the fault of my actions and hereby solemnly swear that I will make no further effort to enter any of your servers, either under my normal moniker or any other names. In fact, I have uninstalled both Counter-Strike and Steam, and am taking this opportunity to retire permanently in favor of other pursuits and my personal betterment. 

Front, I hope those new rocket-launcher and hammer and nail shield plug-ins are everything you hope they'll be. I don't doubt they will bring untold hours of joy to the players that flock to your servers, along with the fabled glass bridge on cs_deagle5. 

God bless, Counter Strike Dudes.

Signing off,
Blappin' Off w/ the Nine Milly

I want to believe you, but your popular for just trollin.
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I'm Russian russing Russian . I need a real Russian in here with me.
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