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[CSS] Ideas on how to populate a MiniGames/Zombie Escape/Dust&Office server?
I am part of this community that used to be pretty popular about a year or two ago. As with many things, our regulars/admins had lost interest for an assortment of reasons like: loss of interest in the game, personal business, admins being too strict with rule enforcement (which we've completely wiped and started over with), etc. We've been trying a large array of server adjustments, adding/removing plugins and listening back to a lot of user feedback and while we have received new users since then, the population is still pretty low compared to how it was this time last year -- especially with Zombie Escape. I know we have Summer to look forward to but it's pretty disHeartening. So really, I just wanted to hear possible Ideas or something about what makes you guys stick with a server? The atmosphere? The maps? The server mod? I'm just really trying to get an Idea on other things we can try.

tl;dr CS:S community with an abnormally low population this year in comparison to others. Just seeking Ideas on what keeps people around, really.

If you guys are really interested, I can post the server info. later but that's about it.

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