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CSGO have good punishments for leavers/vac/afks; but needs a system for the collatera
For example, you're playing competitive; 2 or 3 or your partners are kicked for different reasons, you're condemned to play with bots on your team, and in mostly of the cases, lose. Yeah, the people that were kicked are gonna get a ban, a time penalty, etc. That's totally ok.
But, what about the guy that lose because of them? In Dota for example, if someone goes afk on the first 5 minutes of the match and never returns, everyone still playing is free to leave without a penalty or ban, or the match counted as a lose.
I'm pretty sure that everyone has suffered this situation a lot of times, and personally im tired of; no for the fact that someone is leaving the match, but rather the collateral damage of that: others losing, having a bad play experience, etc.
Ps: sorry for my bad english, hopefully you can understand my point

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