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Unban me pls I dont do anything
the server dont give me information of the ban
its only say you are banned from this server
thats all i dont know why did ban
          ME      Undecided Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

Server IP address
Connecting to
Trying p48/auth3/revEmu... 
Connection accepted by
Kicked by Console: You have been banned from this server.
Kicked :You have been banned from this server

You don't own the game...if you loved counter strike you would have bought the game, then an admin would need a demo for a ban. Many hackers/cheaters/losers/nonsteamers join our servers just to cheat so they feel like they are actually good at CS, yet alot of our admins have been playing for 18 years and notice the pooties very fast, therefore banning instantly, the cheater can come back on another fake i.d. and continue to feel like he is a gr8 player LOL.
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