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Blappin using another account to hack on ?
(2) [ Blappin ]
Last night around 2-3AM this guy named " BRUHNIGGA " was doing a spin bot , auto b-hop and has walls. I wasn't too sure who this guy was until i pulled up the stats on the player and checked where the player was .. until i saw Fort Collins, USA. Not sure IF it WAS Blappin or not , this is my only suggestion. I haven't given any ban yet, just wanted to get your guys POV on it.
ALSO, if the demos aren't enough, other admins were online last night . [ Jungle and Olsko ]
The links below are the demos , they shouldn't be that long just a couple rounds per demo.
[Image: 11625_601.png]

Thanks man I'll check details when I get up. He's been trying to be a troll since day 1, so wouldn't be surprised he or she is a cheat.
[Image: 1_101.png]

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