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I couldn't post anything in the counter-strike 1.6 description so i'll post it here in the meantime.
So as you know in discord , Candle also known as @BBC is trying to get some players to participate in a Counter-Strike 1.6 Tournament ( 5 v 5 SCRIM ) . Pool Prize is $1000, From what Candle has told me , the Pool Prize would be risen higher due to the amount of players that will join.
We need 2-4 teams, i think it would be dope if we formed 1-2 CSD teams to represent the server we play for  WOOHOO , The deadline for the sign-ups will be around January 5th. So we have a month to get players to join Exclamation  The EXACT date we will be playing is January 16th.
So if you know anyone that wants to join contact Candle  [ BBC#7387 ] on discord.
P.S. If our team wins, My portion of the $1000 will go towards the Server Donations.
[Image: 11625_601.png]

Well this could be interesting. There is a 5k source scrim soon as well.
[Image: 1_101.png]

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