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ok unban me, senpai pls
Okay I was probably on the bottle and trash talked the wrong person, or was just being an asshole in general, but I really like your server, it is super nostalgic and fun. Have mercy on my soulExclamation

Steam account:



lol I was reading around about other bans on here, and if this has something to do with some apparent beef between M3 and CSD, I do not see any reason why I deserve a ban, I've played there before because the custom maps are interesting and rare, like the old days, can't find that anymore, I  do not care for drama at all, and I hardly see why it warrants a ban for where I have logged into in the past lol (also you should be mindful of the fact of whomever is running the M3 server, he automatically changes your user name to have the M3 tag on your UN in 1.6)

Be reasonable, 1.6 is old and barely hanging on, act like this and you're just putting more nails in the inevitable coffin. Why speed it up with pointless beef?

What beef? This is why we keep the server free and clean of trash, we dont allow any players associated with child molesters, or racists, haters. M3 are a group of nobodys that love children and hatred. Read this post for more info/proof.
[Image: 1_101.png]
Also changing a players name is a desperate attempt of forcing a player to look like he is associated with that poohole. We never force anyone to wear a tag, this would be Lame. Ask yourself this, what else on your config was edited? And our 1.6 community has grown the past year we started, so stating 1.6 is barely hanging on is a lie. Glad your banned.
[Image: 1_101.png]

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