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Admin application
Hey there!
I go by amber on your servers, and I thought I would apply for admin after fr0st suggested I should.

I used to be an admin on a group on CSGO servers called slayers gaming if that helps. They had servers such as jailbreak, a competitive server, surf, and there was an extra server that switched around from various things, such as zombies, scoutzknivez, etc. However, CSGO is ruined for me since the skin update of 2013, so I really don't play it anymore. I got up to Eagle, before stopping to play Dota 2 for a while. But then Dota 2 got ruined by the updates after TI6, so I went back to a Counter Strike that's still fun2play

Been playing your servers since I started playing steam again, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. I play at many different hours, and at times where the server isn't as populated, such as 11pm-3am Cali time(However, I am located in Austin, TX, so it's more like 1-5am for me.)
Thanks for reading, and your consideration

Wait For @FR0NTLINE )
Sure, inbox your steam id, so I can send you a password.
[Image: 1_101.png]
[Image: 1719_101.png]

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