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Unban RuffRyderz
Admin who banned you: Brandon Roy
In-Game Name: RuffRyderz Dawg the Hunter
Ban Reason: "Kicked and Banned
SteamID/IP Address: STEAM_0:0:47088
Server you were banned from: COUNTER STRIKE DUDES L.A.
Proof of innocence (Check for any Screenshots in your cstrike folder): 
Extra details: I just came into the server. Killed Brandon Roy then eventually I got killed and was waiting for the round to end. He revives himself again.  And every time I'm on this server that's all he does is revive and extends the round longer. I called him out and he kicked me. It wasn't like I was swearing at the guy. I don't see any other admins doing this except for him. He then kicks and bans me after I came back. What is this guy's problem? No other admin does what he does and I wonder if that's what $6/month will get ya. There's not too many communities around anymore so it's just annoying that the one good server I can go on has an admin who just abuses his power like this. 

stfu, u were only banned for 5 minutes,

Thanks alot BrandonrizzoyExclamationExclamationExclamation Sorry bout this Dawg the River, everyone deserves to be treated fairly.
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Ruffryderz did u happen to play wow. Server destromath
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