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Admin who banned you: Panda or RASTA-X *Whichever in-game he uses* 
In-Game Name: imbad
Ban Reason: No Idea. In my honest opinion he was upset I kept dominating the game and he kept reviving his entire team, kept giving me no-clip, giving himself 2x speed, kept doing fucking something to give him the edge and it pissed me off. Then he banned me for saying that I'd report him because it kept pissing me off. 
SteamID/IP Address:STEAM_0:0:60631414 
Server you were banned from: cs dudes 1.6 d2 public one not pug server 
Proof of innocence (Check for any Screenshots in your cstrike folder):i have screenshots but you guys don't have the option of uploading it directly from the desktop. If you require these screenshots I wil be more than happy to e-mail you them. Please leave me an email @ andrewyoungcho@gmail
Extra details:Admin who banned you: Quiet, didn't say much at all just kept abusing his power by giving himself 2x speed rushing long every other round killing 3 upsetting other plays just for his benefit. But everytime i am able to kill him which is why it upset him and then in return hed automatically revive the entire ct team after I JUST killed them all and then hed win the round. 

i haven't played in the server for months so not me.

Can you copy/paste your banned information from console for admin's steam ID so we can check who it is? Thanks
[Image: 732_101.png]
It was not me
UserID filter removed for STEAM_0:0:60631414
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