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About WildFrisco
Hello everyone,

My name is Ray a.k.a Wolf and I am a member of the ClanXA. This is regarding about one of your members named C-Lo4JESUS report in our servers of a hacker named WildFrisco.

Have you got any records or demos regarding his ban? It is mentioned that he was banned twice in one of your servers.

WildFrisco" 2437 STEAM_0:1:309292

I've never heard of this dude hacking, plus his steam account is from 2003.
[Image: 1_101.png]
One of our admins had a conversation with C-Lo4JESUS while playing in the servers . He said that he is banned twice in here. Just looking for confirmation and proof that he was really hacking so that we will add him in our watchlist

[Image: Screenshot-64.png]

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