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Please make a DEMO of a STEAM USER
dex: Name: xed
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:24663237
Reason: walls
Ban Length: 694 days, 10 hours, 39 minutes
Unban Time: 6:00:29 6/27/2019
Admin Name: Minor #1
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:214524395

If you guys are banning steam users with no demo, then ya gots to go.
[Image: 1_101.png]

I know this super old but minor did it right. xed/dex has two steam accounts and pug in CSD a lot. uses wall and heres the demo download while link still works.!qCAWgR4T!gbQT7xvFKGfUC...8MSrCUhKDU

Guess Who? is xed/dex same steam id. game play logically makes no sense.

10:29 - shoots the upper B apartment hall, leaves then come back after 1-2 seconds traces at the wall directly at stairs and try to shoot bdwe. no sound bdwe dropped down to the stairs.

23:01 - can hear someone from A site/CT spawn ramp shooing him from the left, he hears this & see connector and calls in voice "2 A". he shoots the guy at connector ramp a few times, reload and while mid way reloading he come out and look at A/CT ramp, doesn't need to wait until reload finish because he knew the guy at A/CT ramp is already gone. (contradicts to him at 36:48 after killing a guy he finish reloading completely before going out)

possible triggerbot with awp ( explains what trigger bot is)

38:38 - reflex is fast but not inhuman, could be just like what video mentioned crosshair have to be placed on the guy for 10ms or more for it to auto fire.  he weirdly peeks guy at window, flick the crosshair and auto fires. play it at 1/4x the speed, see where he initially look at the window area, saw the guy in window, flick his crosshair across and actually went past the guy by quite a bit, but still hits, which is triggerbot.  hardest part with triggerbot is he still has control of the shot, BDWE came from behind and he actually tried to shoot the guy himself.
Yea many many many people have said he hacks. He is a cheater, but for some reason likes cheating in counter strike? I'm guessing he's a child.
[Image: 1_101.png]
another demo by fleP!HH5i1AgR!CEWSfVzUYjul-...5ZSrHkM8Cg

look at 17:57 he shooting at wall thinking someone is hiding in corner by wallhack screwed him over he thinks the guy is not behind the wall but infront of it. its like sex with animal got exposed by Jerry Springer show.

also at 25:20 he try to hide from flankers coming from banana as bomb planted. first guy was crouch running make sound and he killed him, however 2nd guy made no sound and got into mid pit into alt's pit, he knew the guy is there without shooting or hearing him.

neither of your points of interest are right, the first time stamp he is clearly having a battle with that guy before flep switches to him and is spamming him.

i can clearly hear two people at mid, check your sound settings.
[Image: 32568_101.png]
^Are you xed?
judging by my use of HE, no.
[Image: 32568_101.png]

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