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Your server's first hacker 'W'
Name : Amnezia//Zeerox
Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:409101196
Hacks being used : Wallhack+Aimbot 
Demo :
Also , when ya all decides to ban him , 1 year is a good time . He'll be good after that XD
PS : he's killing ur server , leaving only noobs inside :<

Yeah i Believe this is Erox, he's the 13 year old kid in Malaysia that I gave fatal ninjaz server too a couple years ago. I felt bad for him because of the things he told me the tranny babysitter in the next tee pee /village does to him with his fat fingers, anyways he started to scam alot of people for cash, I didn't know he was this type of person but that's who he turned into. He might be 15 now. I blame the Village People.
Ban Information
Name: AmNeziA///ZeeroX
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:409101196
Reason: aim
Unban Time: Permanent Ban

Dovada : http://www57.zippysh...dTOhJ/file.html

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