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Whats going on with new servers
This server will be poppin soon, I am searching for people that make models and maps, maps for both servers, so this server will contain
csgo knives with multiple skins within each model so you can choose a skin from each kKNIFEodel you are using in game. Depending on
who we get to do the skins and the quality of the skins will determine how much to pay them or buy them games. I do alot of this for all
my cs bro's and Hizzoes. Plus paying coders for the plugins we got running. This server will be more of a basic setup without all the junk
we got running in the main pub, so any donations this month will help get this party started sooner than expected. Invest in your new pigpens.
Thanks if you read this post. Big Grin palmtrees
[Image: 1_101.png]

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