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If a player has an older STEAM ID don't just BAN the dude cuz you think he's hacking, check out his profile
maybe your wrong and don't know poo. Could this be possible that years of playing  dust2 he can spam a
wall and fool an admin too actually make you believe he or she is hacking? Banning good players from the  
server makes the server poo bi-polar. So don't go FULL RETARD, & pretend like you know what your doing.
[Image: 1_101.png]

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With the Autodemo Recorder the Last BAN made on a player will be the last demo he has in his steam folder, so they can upload that demo to see who's WRONG rockon
[Image: 1_101.png]
Great job buddy .. thank you for add the auto demo record Smile
are all y'all fags gonna ban the hackers or just drink and drive

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