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reporting admin "Bad"
bad was talking spooo a bunch of regs and continued to kick me after cussing me out..

this guy is bad news, we need to get rid of him
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Wow typical...leaving out key details. I always talk garbage and they chat it back to me. That's how I joke with players. You told me to stfu already in admin chat, so I replied with a similar response. You kicked me, I kicked you back. When you reconnected another admin kicked you and it wasn't me. Good day to your lies.
Yeah i was looking up logs, but seems like it's a two way street, besides i can't look up what was said in game using the mic's. Admins shouldn't be kicking admins or abusing admins unless they are Cool like that. I'll keep ya's posted on anyone messaging me about what had happened if it was that serious. Otherwise just try to have a good time. Smile
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Okay cCoolhank you
thats not nice to kick my wookieExclamation lol play nice my freinds
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