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Read the title of the server
Don't know what stealing maps means, because 99.9% of maps online are free. I've known mappers since 2001
and they all know me. So I'll remove all of m3 players and if you guys see any m3 players or tags just ban. r0ger RoGerExclamation
[Image: 6sZYw8O.jpg]

[Image: 63a28Cf.jpg]

No hate 1 love CS 1.6 Till the WHEELS FALL OFF WOOO HOOOO
[Image: 1_101.png]

Just not in the mood for bitch ass poo, so just removed 6 of them that play in the server. Not worried about other clans they hate on, we all here for 1.6 and no drama.
[Image: 1_101.png]
Haha thats too funny
Frontline dont trip its uci hes a big baby cause alot of his m3 players joined csd and hes Crying about it and most of his m3 players play here alot and i bet he hates hearng about this server cause this poo is 2 beast
Make sure you don't message me about this again Frontline as I was the one who showed you this....

Lol etadik and dude moonkey I'm all about that don't hate congratulate lifestyle, but being a jealous bitch and throwing up lies about another server in your clans title is on a super cock sucker level. Basically the bitch that runs m3 just made the whole click bitch. Right haha, if you see me clownin an m3 tag it's cuz it's the official "bitch mades" r0ger r0gerExclamationExclamation
[Image: 1_101.png]
they stole the map ?
Some kid runs a server called m3. He or she claims we steal maps, which doesnt makes sense, just a group of haters. So just ban any m3 tags so we won't be bothered with negative kids, makes the server/servers better.
[Image: 1_101.png]

Roger that brotha
Dimebag_-: look at this guy
Dimebag_-: this is the guy i use to be Cool with
Dimebag_-: M3| UCI | : CSD started last March, 2017. frogger / frontline asked for all of our maps and plugins. We said no. He swore to steal it anyway and our players. We added "CSD steals" to our server title and so he bans anyone wearing our clan tag.
Dimebag_-: M3| UCI | : It's just funny that he's so defensive about something he actually did.
M3| UCI | : Smile
M3| UCI | : have fun tho. i keep my friends list full with people who play m3, so i'll see u later bud. Smile
Dimebag_-: fuck this guy

See what I'm saying guys, LOL, Our plugins we run nobody has in the world. They are my Ideas brought to 1.6, same with the upcoming maps. KEEP IT 100.
[Image: 1_101.png]
[Image: yOZJh5J.jpg]

[Image: 1_101.png]

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