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Stop Slowhacking
Not that anyone in CSD would abuse this but this is how o prevent this from sketchy/untrustworthy servers from abusing you :]

IMPORTANT To understand if you have been abused :]

One of the most common ones is most of/or any of your un-binded keys when clicked on a server take you into another server instantly.

this is a problem that is a popular problem i the community.

Solution 1 

The most basic and most common Slowhacking is the one where a script is installed in your directory files so whenever you start/click a New Game you are automatically connected to the server that is doing the Slowhacking.

The best way to avoid problems with this plugin/script or such Slowhack is whenever you install your CS 1.6 to go to "cstrike/resource" or "valve/resourse" and find "GameMenu.res" - where you set the file to "Read Only" by right clicking and checking "Read Only" option.

If you are already infected and want to eliminate the slowhack you will need to replace the code inside the "GameMenu.res". You can do that by either downloading this file that's attached to this thread or by copying and pasting the code below into your file.

Solution 2

Another common Slowhack is to change your .cfg file and whenever you open your game, it automatically logs into a given server. It can either do it automatically whenever you open the game or whenever you click on anything from the menu in the game. You can solve the problem by checking all of your .cfg files particularly the config.cfg, userconfig.cfg. In those files make sure you look for an IP address or a server name. If you find an IP address or sever name erase the lines of code that contain the IP or sever name, then save the changes and you should be good.

In addition to the config.cfg and the userconfig.cfg files, makes sure you check the autoexec.cfg, joystick.cfg, language.cfg, listenserver.cfg, server.cfg, motd.txt, violence.cfg and valve.rc. You can find the files in the cstrike and valve folders. If you have language specific installation of the game - for example cstrike_YOURLANGUAGE, make sure you check those folders as well for config.cfg and userconfig.cfg files.

Finally, you may not have this folder, but if you do you need to check it. The folder is called "hw" and the files for which you should look for are geforce.cfg and opengl.cfg.

After you double check and find an IP address also go to those files and make them "Read Only" so that no future Slowhacks can occur.

Solution 3

Another Slowhack is "Loading Dialog Banner", or simply said it loads a banner which constantly appears above the loading panel after you enter a server.

Unfortunately, with this slowhack there are no measures that you can take to prevent it, but you can always remove it. Go to the directory "valve/resource" and find the files "LoadingDialogNoBanner.res ;LoadingDialogNoBannerSingle.res; LoadingDialogVAC.res и LoadingDialog.res" and delete them or better yet replace them with other files which are not affected. For the CS version go to "csstrike/gfx" and Half Live "valve/gfx", there you should find unusual folders like "images", name of some gas stations, etc. Check all the folders and delete the unknown folders.

Solution 4

There is also another slowhack called "ScoreBoard Loading" or simply said, one where when you press the Tab button on your keyboard you will see a banner on top of the stats that will show up.

You can protect yourself from this plugin unlike the "Loading Dialog Banner". Go to "csstrike/resource/UI" or "valve/resource/UI" and find the file called "ScoreBoard.res" - right click it and set it to Read only.

If you are infected, go to the directory of CS "csstrike/resource/UI" or "valve/resource/UI" and find the file called "ScoreBoard.res" and open it using Notepad or Notepad++. Find the following code:
"image" "gfx/vgui/scoreboard"
Then go to the directory listed "csstrike/gfx/vgui" or "valve/gfx/vgui" and find the file and delete it.

Solution 5

There is one more slowhack that exists and this one is mean one - where it edits your "config.cfg" file and binds a bunch of buttons to automatically connect to a server. For example whenever you buy are a weapon it automatically disconnects and connects you to the dedicated server.

If you want to get rid of that problem, just go to the CS or Half Life folders that contain the "config.cfg". Right click the file and set it to read only so it will not get affected in the future and basically delete all of the "bind" button that have an IP address or server next to them.

Solution 6

There is one really mean hack where even if you uninstall your game and install a fresh install it will still automatically connect to a server. Then even if you follow all of the above solution it will still connect.

In this case you have two options to get rid of it. You can:

1. Uninstall the game and install it in a new directory. For example if your game is installed in C:\Program Files\Games\Counter Strike 1.6, install it into C:\Program Files\Counter Strike 1.6.

2. Go to C:\Users\YOURPCUSERNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86) and delete the folders. Then uninstall the game and install it again. Your game should work as expected now.
Bonzi Buddy WEED
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aha this is about what ?
This happened to my friend from Albania that was playing in the server the other day every time he pressed a certain key he would be redirected to another server, pretty lame to change someone's config
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