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Muffinbuns admin abuse
He slayed me just for throwing smoke grenades in the spot where he was camping. It's not a rule to spam smoke grenades and it pissed him off so he slayed me. That's admin abuse.

No it's not I warned you and told you to stop spamming smokes in mid and you didnt so i punished you. Too many smokes interfere with some peoples computers.

Not to mention you were literally doing nothing but spamming smokes sitting in spawn for the whole round.
dickhead BONER DONER
Well we take things like this very seriously and we will not tolerate admin abuse. We will now deal with this situation in a very serious way. Muffin Buns your no longer allowed to eat cereal for dinner. I'm sorry We have to do this, but some of these guys allready get abused at home, they do not need to join the csdudes server to get more abuse from a total stranger. I hope your happy. Have a gr8 lifeExclamation
[Image: 1_101.png]
D: wait im so sorry, please give me another chance. I love my cereal for dinner
dickhead BONER DONER

Get a new computer then because spamming smokes isn't against any rules. And if you can't handle that in 2k17 then youre PC is trash.
It's not for me we have regualars from other countries who we'd like to keep around and some of them arent well funded so they cant afford expensive pcs
dickhead BONER DONER
So because of other people you're going to take away a strategy that isn't against any rules at all? That's stupid. That's like taking away an AWP from someone just because they're good with it. Tell them to get a new PC.

wait a minute...................ok the minute is up. Did you spam nades?? or are you picking up peoples nades and throwin em?
[Image: 1_101.png]
It's not a strat you were sitting in spawn the whole round buying and throwing smokes in mid doing nothing

I saw and heard him buying the nades in spawn after throwing them

This is dumb, I told you not to several times and you still did so i slayed you. If that gets my powers taken away then fuck it
dickhead BONER DONER
I spam nades and then camp in the corner for people but if I get slayed of course I'm not going to get that chance am I?

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