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Banned from SCRIM/PUG Server
It's only an hour ban, "fz" 1297 STEAM_0:1:26449673   0 00:10   19    0
What I have an issue with is who I was banned by,  # 6 "`CREZt0OLD»_-" 79 STEAM_0:0:3481412   6 19:17   84    0
How does this kid even have admin? He doesn't speak English and has banned me twice before. There seems to be like 3 or 4 players in the PUG server have admin but don't speak any English. I could care less about their nationality, what I can't stand is not being able to know why the fuck he keeps banning me or who gave him admin? Tilix and sc0field are two of the other players that currently have admin and ban
without  a warrant

can't find your steam id in the BANS list

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