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Admins In the LA PUG/SCRIM Server
Seems like everyone has admin in this server, including foreigners with no CSD tag and that don't speak any english.
 # 6 "`CREZt0OLD»_-" 79 STEAM_0:0:3481412   6 19:17   84    0
 Banned me twice already. He can't perm bban so i just come back. It started 2 weeks ago, me and Creztoold got chosen as captains. He picked his team and I picked mine, after teams were selected crezto decided to transfer my first pick and second pick over to his team and give me much less quality players. I decided this was bullpoo and began to type kill in console rather than play his stupid fucking game. He banned me a couple minutes into the match and also fucked up the server which caused the PUG to die and the server went empty. Today as soon as he saw me come into the server he banned me for 1 hour. This is fucking ridiculous, how does he even have adminExclamation?

i can't find your steam id in the BANS list
Ya he can only bban for 1 hour max,I just wanna know why he has admin and allowed to do that?
Admin nick ??

yeah i see the other dudes steam id but no this guys, he's talkin about the pug server.
[Image: 1_101.png]
the admin's info is "# 6 "`CREZt0OLD»_-" 79 STEAM_0:0:3481412 6 19:17 84 0"
i just wanna know why he has admin n gettin away with banning regulars for no reason and stacking teams via team transfer

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