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Crosshairs ya buttholes
Rolleyes So here's the dealio on them crosshairs, we are running them on these default maps for now, nuke,dust,dust2,inferno,militia,aztec,office,etc. So we can't enable all the sound wavs we had running like the last man standing wavs which were enabled on these default maps, so the crosshairs are disabled on the other maps, CSS and so on,  we can keep the sounds for those maps. We can bring sounds back to the default maps if we limit sprites/crosshairs for weapons, If you come up with an iIdea for a crosshair that maybe possible to create let us know in this section. Or if you think nobody is using some of these and they suck we can put other crosshairs on different weapons. The thing is every crosshair with each gun comes with a text document so the server knows what weapon is using the crosshair so imagine each crosshair is 2 files, this CS 1.6 Engine is limited to 512 items, sounds/models/weapons/weapon sounds/sprites, just to give you an iIdea why we must limit certain things, because the server wont' run at all lol. Thanks for reading   frustrated
weapon_mac10  Lemondrop Lemondrop
weapon_mac10  Predator Predator
weapon_mac10  50-50_Bar 50-50_Bar
weapon_mac10  Mr_Bill Mr_Bill
weapon_mac10  Damn_Shexy Damn_Shexy
weapon_mac10  Anarchy Anarchy
weapon_mac10  Goldy Goldy
weapon_mac10  Chilly_Willy Chilly_Willy
weapon_mac10  Blue_Drop Blue_Drop
weapon_mac10  Apple_Mac Apple_Mac
weapon_mac10  TRON TRON
weapon_mac10  1_Deag 1_Deag
weapon_mac10  TH3_1337 TH3_1337
weapon_mac10  Iron_Cross Iron_Cross
weapon_mac10  Tutti_Frutti Tutti_Frutti
weapon_mac10  Wolfenstein_Lime Wolfenstein_Lime
weapon_galil   Lemondrop Lemondrop
weapon_galil   Predator Predator
weapon_galil   50-50_Bar 50-50_Bar
weapon_galil   Mr_Bill Mr_Bill
weapon_galil   mr_hat_green mr_hat_green
weapon_galil   Anarchy Anarchy
weapon_galil   Goldy Goldy
weapon_galil   Barry_The_Bee Barry_The_Bee
weapon_galil   Chilly_Willy Chilly_Willy  
weapon_galil   Blue_Drop Blue_Drop
weapon_galil   TRON TRON
weapon_galil   1_Deag 1_Deag
weapon_galil   TH3_1337 TH3_1337
weapon_galil   Iron_Cross Iron_Cross
weapon_galil   Rainbow_6_Red Rainbow_6_Red
weapon_galil   Rainbow_6_Lime Rainbow_6_Lime
weapon_galil   Green_Lantern Green_Lantern
weapon_galil   Terminator Terminator
weapon_galil   Pokeball Pokeball
weapon_galil   Tutti_Frutti Tutti_Frutti
weapon_galil   Wolfenstein_Lime Wolfenstein_Lime

weapon_usp Firefly Firefly
weapon_usp Lemondrop Lemondrop
weapon_usp Predator Predator
weapon_usp 50-50_Bar 50-50_Bar
weapon_usp Mr_Bill Mr_Bill
weapon_usp Damn_Shexy Damn_Shexy
weapon_usp mr_hat_green mr_hat_green
weapon_usp Anarchy Anarchy
weapon_usp Goldy Goldy
weapon_usp Barry_The_Bee Barry_The_Bee
weapon_usp Chilly_Willy Chilly_Willy
weapon_usp Blue_Drop Blue_Drop
weapon_usp Simon_Says Simon_Says
weapon_usp Mac_apple Mac_apple
weapon_usp TRON TRON
weapon_usp 1_Deag 1_Deag
weapon_usp TH3_1337 TH3_1337
weapon_usp Iron_Cross Iron_Cross
weapon_usp Rainbow_6_Red Rainbow_6_Red
weapon_usp Rainbow_6_Lime Rainbow_6_Lime
weapon_usp Green_Lantern Green_Lantern
weapon_usp Terminator Terminator
weapon_usp Snowball Snowball
weapon_usp Hot_Pink Hot_Pink
weapon_usp Pokeball Pokeball
weapon_usp Tie_Fighter Tie_Fighter
weapon_usp Tutti_Frutti Tutti_Frutti
weapon_usp Wolfenstein_Lime Wolfenstein_Lime
weapon_glock18  Firefly Firefly
weapon_glock18  Lemondrop Lemondrop
weapon_glock18  Predator Predator
weapon_glock18  50-50_Bar 50-50_Bar
weapon_glock18  Mr_Bill Mr_Bill
weapon_glock18  Damn_Shexy Damn_Shexy
weapon_glock18  mr_hat_green mr_hat_green
weapon_glock18  Anarchy Anarchy
weapon_glock18  Goldy Goldy
weapon_glock18  Barry_The_Bee Barry_The_Bee
weapon_glock18  Chilly_Willy Chilly_Willy
weapon_glock18  Blue_Drop Blue_Drop
weapon_glock18  Simon_Says Simon_Says
weapon_glock18  Mac_apple Mac_apple
weapon_glock18  TRON TRON
weapon_glock18  1_Deag 1_Deag
weapon_glock18  TH3_1337 TH3_1337
weapon_glock18  Iron_Cross Iron_Cross
weapon_glock18  Rainbow_6_Red Rainbow_6_Red
weapon_glock18  Rainbow_6_Lime Rainbow_6_Lime
weapon_glock18  Green_Lantern Green_Lantern
weapon_glock18  Terminator Terminator
weapon_glock18  Snowball Snowball
weapon_glock18  Hot_Pink Hot_Pink
weapon_glock18  Pokeball Pokeball
weapon_glock18  Tie_Fighter Tie_Fighter
weapon_glock18  Tutti_Frutti Tutti_Frutti
weapon_glock18  Wolfenstein_Lime Wolfenstein_Lime

weapon_mp5navy Firefly Firefly
weapon_mp5navy Lemondrop Lemondrop
weapon_mp5navy Predator Predator
weapon_mp5navy 50-50_Bar 50-50_Bar
weapon_mp5navy Mr_Bill Mr_Bill  
weapon_mp5navy mr_hat_green mr_hat_green
weapon_mp5navy Anarchy Anarchy
weapon_mp5navy Goldy Goldy
weapon_mp5navy Barry_The_Bee Barry_The_Bee
weapon_mp5navy Chilly_Willy Chilly_Willy
weapon_mp5navy Blue_Drop Blue_Drop
weapon_mp5navy Simon_Says Simon_Says
weapon_mp5navy TRON TRON
weapon_mp5navy 1_Deag 1_Deag
weapon_mp5navy TH3_1337 TH3_1337
weapon_mp5navy Iron_Cross Iron_Cross
weapon_mp5navy Rainbow_6_Red Rainbow_6_Red
weapon_mp5navy Rainbow_6_Lime Rainbow_6_Lime
weapon_mp5navy Green_Lantern Green_Lantern
weapon_mp5navy Terminator Terminator
weapon_mp5navy Snowball Snowball
weapon_mp5navy Hot_Pink Hot_Pink
weapon_mp5navy Pokeball Pokeball
weapon_mp5navy Tie_Fighter Tie_Fighter
weapon_mp5navy Tutti_Frutti Tutti_Frutti
weapon_mp5navy Wolfenstein_Lime Wolfenstein_Lime
weapon_m249    Firefly Firefly
weapon_m249    Lemondrop Lemondrop
weapon_m249    Predator Predator
weapon_m249    50-50_Bar 50-50_Bar
weapon_m249    Mr_Bill Mr_Bill
weapon_m249    Damn_Shexy Damn_Shexy
weapon_m249    mr_hat_green mr_hat_green
weapon_m249    Anarchy Anarchy
weapon_m249    Goldy Goldy
weapon_m249    Barry_The_Bee Barry_The_Bee
weapon_m249    Chilly_Willy Chilly_Willy
weapon_m249    Blue_Drop Blue_Drop
weapon_m249    Simon_Says Simon_Says
weapon_m249    Mac_apple Mac_apple
weapon_m249    TRON TRON
weapon_m249    1_Deag 1_Deag
weapon_m249    TH3_1337 TH3_1337
weapon_m249    Iron_Cross Iron_Cross
weapon_m249    Rainbow_6_Red Rainbow_6_Red
weapon_m249    Rainbow_6_Lime Rainbow_6_Lime
weapon_m249    Green_Lantern Green_Lantern
weapon_m249    Terminator Terminator
weapon_m249    Snowball Snowball
weapon_m249    Hot_Pink Hot_Pink
weapon_m249    Pokeball Pokeball
weapon_m249    Tie_Fighter Tie_Fighter
weapon_m249    Tutti_Frutti Tutti_Frutti
weapon_m249    Wolfenstein_Lime Wolfenstein_Lime

weapon_m3    Lemondrop Lemondrop
weapon_m3    Predator Predator
weapon_m3    50-50_Bar 50-50_Bar
weapon_m3    Mr_Bill Mr_Bill  
weapon_m3    Anarchy Anarchy
weapon_m3    Goldy Goldy
weapon_m3    Chilly_Willy Chilly_Willy
weapon_m3    Simon_Says Simon_Says
weapon_m3    Mac_apple Mac_apple
weapon_m3    TRON TRON
weapon_m3    1_Deag 1_Deag
weapon_m3    TH3_1337 TH3_1337
weapon_m3    Iron_Cross Iron_Cross
weapon_m3    Terminator Terminator
weapon_m3    Hot_Pink Hot_Pink
weapon_m3    Pokeball Pokeball
weapon_m3    Tutti_Frutti Tutti_Frutti
weapon_m3    Wolfenstein_Lime Wolfenstein_Lime

weapon_m4a1    Firefly Firefly
weapon_m4a1    Lemondrop Lemondrop
weapon_m4a1    Predator Predator
weapon_m4a1    50-50_Bar 50-50_Bar
weapon_m4a1    Mr_Bill Mr_Bill
weapon_m4a1    Damn_Shexy Damn_Shexy
weapon_m4a1    mr_hat_green mr_hat_green
weapon_m4a1    Anarchy Anarchy
weapon_m4a1    Goldy Goldy
weapon_m4a1    Barry_The_Bee Barry_The_Bee
weapon_m4a1    Chilly_Willy Chilly_Willy
weapon_m4a1    Blue_Drop Blue_Drop
weapon_m4a1    Simon_Says Simon_Says
weapon_m4a1    Mac_apple Mac_apple
weapon_m4a1    TRON TRON
weapon_m4a1    1_Deag 1_Deag
weapon_m4a1    TH3_1337 TH3_1337
weapon_m4a1    Iron_Cross Iron_Cross
weapon_m4a1    Rainbow_6_Red Rainbow_6_Red
weapon_m4a1    Rainbow_6_Lime Rainbow_6_Lime
weapon_m4a1    Green_Lantern Green_Lantern
weapon_m4a1    Terminator Terminator
weapon_m4a1    Snowball Snowball
weapon_m4a1    Hot_Pink Hot_Pink
weapon_m4a1    Pokeball Pokeball
weapon_m4a1    Tie_Fighter Tie_Fighter
weapon_m4a1    Tutti_Frutti Tutti_Frutti
weapon_m4a1    Wolfenstein_Lime Wolfenstein_Lime

weapon_deagle  Firefly Firefly
weapon_deagle  Lemondrop Lemondrop
weapon_deagle  Predator Predator
weapon_deagle  50-50_Bar 50-50_Bar
weapon_deagle  Mr_Bill Mr_Bill
weapon_deagle  Damn_Shexy Damn_Shexy
weapon_deagle  mr_hat_green mr_hat_green
weapon_deagle  Anarchy Anarchy
weapon_deagle  Goldy Goldy
weapon_deagle  Barry_The_Bee Barry_The_Bee
weapon_deagle  Chilly_Willy Chilly_Willy
weapon_deagle  Blue_Drop Blue_Drop
weapon_deagle  Simon_Says Simon_Says
weapon_deagle  Mac_apple Mac_apple
weapon_deagle  TRON TRON
weapon_deagle  1_Deag 1_Deag
weapon_deagle  TH3_1337 TH3_1337
weapon_deagle  Iron_Cross Iron_Cross
weapon_deagle  Rainbow_6_Red Rainbow_6_Red
weapon_deagle  Rainbow_6_Lime Rainbow_6_Lime
weapon_deagle  Green_Lantern Green_Lantern
weapon_deagle  Terminator Terminator
weapon_deagle  Snowball Snowball
weapon_deagle  Hot_Pink Hot_Pink
weapon_deagle  Pokeball Pokeball
weapon_deagle  Tie_Fighter Tie_Fighter
weapon_deagle  Tutti_Frutti Tutti_Frutti
weapon_deagle  Wolfenstein_Lime Wolfenstein_Lime

weapon_ak47   Firefly Firefly
weapon_ak47   Lemondrop Lemondrop
weapon_ak47   Predator Predator
weapon_ak47   50-50_Bar 50-50_Bar
weapon_ak47   Mr_Bill Mr_Bill
weapon_ak47   Damn_Shexy Damn_Shexy
weapon_ak47   mr_hat_green mr_hat_green
weapon_ak47   Anarchy Anarchy
weapon_ak47   Goldy Goldy
weapon_ak47   Barry_The_Bee Barry_The_Bee   
weapon_ak47   Chilly_Willy Chilly_Willy
weapon_ak47   Blue_Drop Blue_Drop
weapon_ak47   Simon_Says Simon_Says
weapon_ak47   Mac_apple Mac_apple
weapon_ak47   TRON TRON
weapon_ak47   1_Deag 1_Deag
weapon_ak47   TH3_1337 TH3_1337
weapon_ak47   Iron_Cross Iron_Cross
weapon_ak47   Rainbow_6_Red Rainbow_6_Red
weapon_ak47   Rainbow_6_Lime Rainbow_6_Lime
weapon_ak47   Green_Lantern Green_Lantern
weapon_ak47   Terminator Terminator
weapon_ak47   Snowball Snowball
weapon_ak47   Hot_Pink Hot_Pink
weapon_ak47   Pokeball Pokeball
weapon_ak47   Tie_Fighter Tie_Fighter
weapon_ak47   Tutti_Frutti Tutti_Frutti
weapon_ak47   Wolfenstein_Lime Wolfenstein_Lime
weapon_KNIFE   Firefly Firefly
weapon_KNIFE   Lemondrop Lemondrop
weapon_KNIFE   Predator Predator
weapon_KNIFE   Mr_Bill Mr_Bill
weapon_KNIFE   Peace Peace
weapon_KNIFE   Anarchy Anarchy
weapon_KNIFE   Barry_The_Bee Barry_The_Bee
weapon_KNIFE   Apple_Mac Apple_Mac
weapon_KNIFE   TH3_1337 TH3_1337
weapon_KNIFE   Iron_Cross Iron_Cross
weapon_KNIFE   Terminator Terminator
weapon_KNIFE   Hot_Pink Hot_Pink
weapon_KNIFE   Pokeball Pokeball
[Image: 1_101.png]

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