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Banned for no reason

I popped into the CS Dudes LA server for 1 round, literally 1 round. I got walked up Cat, an enemy popped out not even looking at me. I killed him. I planted the bomb A, then went to check long. Nothing was there so I ran back to check CT and I heard the enemy near CT Spawn/elevator, so I started to walk. When he ran out into the open I shot him. Instantly banned by one of your admins. 

I don't understand?

`Neither kill was a sniper, both were me bursting in 2-3 shots, and I missed almost every shot in my clip, so thats not aimhacks.. and if having ears and being able to hear footsteps = wallhacks then the admin who banned me must be really really bad at the game. 

He litearlly banned me after 1 round, 1 god damn round and he didn't even spec me, he just died to me, got mad, and then banned me.`

Ban Information 
Name: 1.6 lel 
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:9780400 
Reason: hacks 
Unban Time: Permanent Ban 
Admin Name: [CSD]|ReCkLe$$ -[DFA] 
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:151477933 
* Privileges set 

Server # 1
Kicked :"You are banned from this server. Check your console"

FYI, my account has a 7 Digit steam ID and is over 12 years old with no VAC bans. I played over  hours of 1.5 and 1.6 between 2001-2007, then switched to source, then GO.

i'm gonna trust you this time
[AdvancedBans] Mirkk : unbanned 1.6 lel [STEAM_0:1:9780400] [Ban Reason: hacks]
Enjoy your game today

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