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Admin Request
Yo yo yo, what up my dudes.. Do you have some of dem admins left for the LA server? I need access for reasons.... I've been playing counter strike for over 10 years now, had admin on a lot of servers before when i was a kiddo. I'm playing casually now and this is the only server i play on and i enjoy it.. So been playing for so many years before, I was actually really good at it.. and now that i'm worse, I want to pour my frustration on other buddies better than me. I also get along with other admins as well, as in.. i don't really speak to them.. i just make funny noises from time to time on the microphone.
PS: I'll try not to ban myself   

wait for fr0ntline pls
Sure thing, G
I like this  Smile check your inbox for your password.
[Image: 1_101.png]

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