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Moonkey abusing admin power
I am a regular player and I play in your pug server every night. Most of those players I play with know me pretty well (Invade, Werdna, Clo etc.) For some reason, yesterday, while I was playing, Moonkey came in and kicked me after several rounds just to let his friend umirin to join. It was annoying that he did it one more time later so he can join himself. I believe this type of admin behavior is unacceptable and his admin power should be suspened. Thank you.
Yeah so umirin and moonkey are dating in real life. I'm sorry you are the guy that comes between the circle jerk of love. I have spoken to both them about this issue, and they both denied that they ever met you at the Blue Oyster. Now I personally have nothing against the Blue Oyster, but I heard they do serve some DEEE LISH ISH oysters. shocked
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