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 10 hours ago (This post was last modified: 9 hours ago by csdfanboy.)

Hey isnt Matthew Mark Halley a 43 year old from riverside cali?, Fuck bro put in jail for a hit and run death and a dui must be a bad boy 

backspinninmoonpie WOOW u love that handle[Image: exclamation.png] Luke Halley, Flora Halley, Bill Halley, Lashon Halley, William Halley,  Look out ur relative's are gonna fucking die i know where u live u peice of sh it You fucking mess with me i will rock ur s[Image: poo.png] i know wher eu live fucking faggot you still live with ur fucking mom you have no hair on ur head and u look like a squirrel i hope u fucking burn in hell

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