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Wtf was I banned for?
Ban Information 
Name: SWED 
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:724598390 
Reason: Hacking 
Unban Time: Permanent Ban 
Admin Name: Unnamed 
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:4337309 

Wtf is this?

Please allow 24 hours for the admin who banned you to respond. Thanks
There is an admin named Unnamed?

My game log from that round

SWED killed smutt with m4a1
gameME: BlUnTaStIc (Pos 108, 46,375 points) disconnected (Pos +1, +58 points)
ktr00p^ (RADIO): Fire in the holeExclamation
=Mingle with my Pringles= (RADIO): Fire in the holeExclamation
BlUnTaStIc connected
ktr00p^ (RADIO): Enemy spotted.
gameME: SWED (25,079) got 10 points [-5] for killing smutt (75,312)
BlUnTaStIc is joining the Counter-Terrorist force
=Mingle with my Pringles= (RADIO): Fire in the holeExclamation
Blink killed =Mingle with my Pringles= with ak47
=Mingle with my Pringles= (RADIO): Fire in the holeExclamation
ktr00p^ (RADIO): Fire in the holeExclamation
SWED killed -deagletime- with m4a1
gameME: BlUnTaStIc (Pos 108, 46,375 points) connected (United States)
SWED killed TeCboyz_Doofy with m4a1
erikirl connected
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ktr00p^ (RADIO): Enemy spotted.
erikirl is joining the Counter-Terrorist force
Ban Information
Name: SWED
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:724598390
Reason: Hacking
Unban Time: Permanent Ban
Admin Name: Unnamed
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:4337309
gameME: SWED (25,088) got 9 points [-4] for killing -deagletime- (45,099)

I killed smutt when he came out from behind a box at the top of the ramp that leads up from the double doors towards the T side on Dust2, I and 2 other CTs were in the short corridor that leads to the top of the overpass of the bombsite.

The other two players were killed by myself and someone helping me in that short hallway where you take the steps down and face towards mid.

Literally the most basic kills possible, there is no manner in which someone could even claim hacking.
Hey SWED. It was me that banned you. After I first ran into you about 3 weeks ago and caught you cheating on de_survivor, I've been taking my time recording you and it's.. been painful. Not because there was ever any doubt, but because you are easily one of the worst hackers I've ever come across. My god. I mean, it's not that it was tough to see or get the proper evidence, but you try so hard to play it off and act cool later in the rounds (especially when you know you're being watched) but it's.. pretty obvious dude.

Initially I was just gonna bail for the night completely, but I'll at least upload tonight's demo for anyone wishing to see it - yourself included. Let me just say that even if you aren't guilty of walling (and you most certainly are) shooting through multiple smokes isn't allowed. It's not luck or timing and claiming it as 16 bitting isn't going to save you.

Anywho, I'll need some time to gather and time stamp the remaining demos (I'll be sure to pick the best ones just for you!) tomorrow when I have more time. Given that you've been cheating all month - that I know of - I'm happy to let you wait the night.

Of course this isn't my decision, so perhaps one of the higher ups will lift your ban in the meantime, not that you deserve it in the slightest. I'll be back tomorrow with more, thanks for playing at Counter Strike Dudes.

Anyway, no time stamps at the moment, but it's a pretty straightforward demo. To avoid additional suspicion I played under an alias and was in-game and keeping myself dead after the first round. I'm either spectating SWED or in free look when he's dead waiting for the next round. You can just fast forward those sections. This demo is primarily him walling at mid, picking players off, often through smoke. At the end he even follows a player through the wall and kills him with an m4 from cat. I see he mentions this, but actually seeing it is a bit more fun.

Not my best demo tbh, but since it's the one I finally banned him off of, I'll start with this. I'll include the others with time stamps tomorrow if need be.


Him picking mid from T Side. I wish I could accurately pick players through multiple smokes as they're crossing every round. Doesn't even have to move his xhair, just seems to know.. odd. Cough.

Anyway! Apologies for the bulky message, it'll be more streamlined tomorrow. Good night.

from my perspective, a very obvious hack from the demos, thanks for taking the time to record insaneDemNSExclamation I'd say that he should stay banned.
Oh lovely.

It's been a busy day and I'm just now getting some time to look at the other demos and typing up noteworthy timestamps.

I'll continue working on them, but if you're satisfied feel free to let me now. Otherwise I'll post some more a little later tonight.

Alright! Here's some of the remaining demos I felt were worth adding. You'll occasionally notice him lagging a bit, but it shouldn't effect the demos too much. My headset's also experiencing some issues right now, so in the event I list a time stamp that you believe can be explained away with sound, feel free to disregard it.

Also in instances where smoke is down, although there may be a command I'm unaware of, if you pause the demo while the smoke/flash is active you can actually 'Fast Forward' the paused demo to remove the effects and see clearly. So if you see me mention a moment where he's firing through smoke or picks up a kill, I went back and paused just after the smokes were down and replayed them without the effect clogging up the screen. Basically making it so I can see what he does, minus the wallhacks. Cough. I don't necessarily expect you to do this every time, but it's an option if you're curious.

In parts of the demo I also begin by playing to avoid suspicion (often under an alias). Feel free to skip those, or.. watch me play! (poorly) Please don't feel obligated to watch all of these as well, they're all pretty good and with the time stamps, aren't too long at all. I figure some variety may help though. As always, thank you for your time.
css_nuke (T Side)

15:15:00 - I joined and began playing for a couple of rounds before having a chance to spectate him. This whole demo is mainly for just these few shots/kills that follow. He begins by appearing to trace onto an enemy, but peaks on a blank wall in rafters, it's possible someone was on the other side (maybe climbing the ladder up to the roof, but I don't know). However what follows is some more tracing and pre-firing on 3 different enemies. Even if sound played a role with all the action going on around him, just how he reacts and adjusts his character and aim is just too suspicious not to mention.

As an added bonus, seconds after he's killed a player in chat says:

*DEAD* Maverick :  turn em of

SWED almost immediately disconnects from the server as can be seen in chat. I believe Maverick was talking to another player that had killed him (not SWED), but I'm guessing in a panic he just ran.

de_dust2 (T Side)

Another user begins to accuse him. Oooh. It gets brought up a few times, I'm surprised he didn't leave this time. Anyway, onto the more important time stamps.

03:10:00 - Pretty much a straight up wall kill at Long DD. Looks right at him through the door then peaks and shoots.

04:05:00 - Back to picking Mid with amazing accuracy.

06:30:00 - A *little* less obvious kill at DD this time.

08:10:00 - Pushes Cat with a machine gun. Crouches by the bend and peaks in just after a smoke goes off in front of him. Pre-fires a player dead. While I can understand someone being cautious in that situation, the smoke and pre-fire really make me question the legitimacy of it. Then again this isn't some one time thing with SWED. It's almost every round.

09:50:00 - Sure you can hear him, but I'm blaming SWED for this one anyway.

de_dust2 (T Side)

11:30:00 - Back to Mid we go.

12:05:00 - A case of one CT at Cat and another at Mid. He can't decide which one to target first and when they both end up pushing at about the same time, he just walks back behind cover.

13:15:00 - A few CT's rush up mid and into lower. He doesn't pay much attention to them, but one smokes near dark spot. Thankfully SWED is immune to them. He then begins to lower his cross-hair down a bit, probably at a visible (through smoke at least) enemy walking up ramp, but he then quickly raises it up and catches another player crossing mid. Rubs it in via chat afterwards. :D

14:00:00 - If he moves slowly and aims awkwardly enough maybe it won't be easy to catch him. I guess that's his logic.

de_dust2 (CT Side)

19:00:00 - Pre-fire kill.

20:10:00 - Cmon Bruh. Not necessarily the emote, but my reaction all the same.

21:20:00 - Knows they're coming and gets behind cover.

24:05:00 - Quite a bit of tracing, keeps following guys through smokes and the doors. Little bit of a lag spike on the kill. May of been on my end.


Bonus Youtube Video:

This is taken from two other demos (each with some decent action, but not so much so that I wished to add the whole thing.) My main reason for uploading this is to show you how he moves through apartments the first 3x during this particular visit to Italy vs the 4th time that takes place at the start of the 2nd demo shown in the video (at about 1:30). He walks the whole way this time and makes some.. interesting decisions about checking a certain corner he had not previously checked once. Add a small trace and his movements and actions are really interesting. (Not referring to the bit with Maverick having a disco btw) I will say that the following round (not shown in the demo) he does check this corner again, but not with the same caution as the one shown - much more casually and no, no one was there.

The longer I watch these the more I hate myself for spending so much time on someone so obvious. At least that's how I feel about this. Anyway, however this ends, consider this my last report/ban this year probably. I need a break.

Good luck!

Looks lik3 a waller. Thanks for your demos insane, there are more demos sent of this guy by oth3r admins that knew he was cheating.
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