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Unban Request Guide
Unban request format

Admin who banned you: 
In-Game Name:
Ban Reason:
SteamID/IP Address:
Server you were banned from:
Proof of innocence (Check for any Screenshots in your cstrike folder):
Extra details:

Please read the rules below:

If you were banned from one of the CSDudes Servers, then you have come to the right place to get unbanned. To get unbanned, you have to appeal within 7 days of your ban date.

The demo will be posted by the admin who banned you, then it will be reviewed by our Demo Reviewers to see if you were hacking or not.
Witnesses won't really change anything, whatever happens on the demo happened.

Please take the following statements below into account when appealing your unban:

Lying won't help you, we have our resources to be sure you are telling the truth.
If the admin who banned you doesn't respond to the unban appeal within 24 hours of the issued ban, the person will be unbanned.
We take all ban appeals seriously and try our best to make sure justice is served and is fair.

CS Dudes
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