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(07-24-2018, 10:42 AM)SHIBA Wrote: noticed this guy asking for hacks during a search for a separate cheater and it just so happens to be BDWE.

i sent him a message claiming i had what he needed and to add me on steam.
here he is trying to hide his "real" account

i compiled an album here, i pretty much just said whatever i thought he wanted to hear to incriminate himself, got him to download a 5 year old hack/virus off google and USE it, i also have him on demo reciting the name of the hack i had him install trying to troubleshoot why it wasn't working.

the imgur album is displaying in random order but it doesnt really matter how you read it.

lol so fishy.. he is fishy in pugs too

[Image: 732_101.png]
SHIBA's mentioned this user to me a few times lately but I hadn't really had an opportunity to look into him much, possibly due to him mainly playing on the PUG servers - which I don't personally use. After seeing this report thread I've decided to look into it somewhat, as best as I could at least.

Reading through these screenshots of the conversation that took place, while usually I'd be somewhat reserved with this type of evidence, first off I can't see why SHIBA would lie and second, the information this other user shares, primarily his IP address is pretty damning.

Now while I couldn't personally confirm on the spot that this is his IP or that it has any connection history with CSDUDES, I can and did check elsewhere. Under that IP ( he's got bans on [iR], LgK, WHX and likely others. While several of the ID's banned under this IP on these other communities differ from BDWE's known ID here at CSD, there's one at LgK which is a match:

Compare it yourself:

^Very similar name and look at that ban date. This was just last week. Now, sure, maybe LgK and all these other servers got it wrong. Maybe he wasn't cheating and these are all unfair bans - so why does this random person that SHIBA has been talking to, this random player with the name BDWE and with his IP - why is he looking for hacks? Hell even the demo seems to show him playing on the ID we know is him... *cough*

Here are a few of his known ID's:
STEAM_0:0:238943463 ->
STEAM_0:1:223129543 ->
STEAM_0:1:236520572 (VAC'd) ->
VALVE_0:0:1019313005 (Cheating on NON-STEAM)

All three real STEAM ID's have a connection history to CSD including some similar name usage. Overall I feel there's enough here to at least look into this further if not just outright ban him. This is what I've found in maybe 20 minutes of looking and I'm sure there's more. Other than that, I don't know this player, I've nothing against him, but I can't help but bring up this questionable activity. :X Maybe he can explain? Probably not, but yeah.

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