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please unban me or please give me my hard earned points
HI Admins ,

i (uchiha madara ) was banned accused of wallig , all friends like ruby, t, loy ,gem admitted i never wall .
still i got my steam id and playing on it , i lag more often there still i play thre
all my hard earned points of 120k is lost and i had to start from 0 , please help .

@frontline @moonkey @minor

According to your records, your non steam account lags more than your steam account.
Here's your records from your non steam: (10 digit)
[Image: uchiha_nonsteam.png]
Here's your records from your steam: (9 digit)
[Image: uchiha_steam.png]
So your lag reason is not valid. As for unban (your nonsteam) or not, just know that your steam account is not banned, and frontline is working hard on trying to transfer your points over to your steam account. We have solid evidence and dozens of people complain regarding you. Whether true or not, you will seem less fishy playing as a steam player. I'd suggest you move on from your non-steam account. After all, you already bought the game after all this, why go back to non steam? It will just appear more suspicious.

download this config and put it in your cstrike folder for your STEAM install and see if it fixes your lag.
[Image: 32568_101.png]
We can try to transfer your points to your steam, pretty sure this will work but you may not have all the stats. I'll finally check out the demo today, personally I usually just trust the admins decisions, since they have been playing for a good 10-20 years. But I wouldn't want you to lag now that you've been accused of walling and feel like steam only is the only way your trusted.
[Image: 1_101.png]

Thanks a lot Admins , please help me in getting points and please give justice

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